Sustainable is sexy.
SOCABLUE is where style meets consience, without sacrificing luxury.
I’m a born-and-raised Floridian with a family from Trinidad and Tobago, which means I’ve spent my life on the water... and in swimsuits. But a life spent in the ocean has also shown me the ravages of pollution, overfishing and ocean warming.
After more than ten years in the fashion industry, I created SOCABLUE with some key principles in mind. First, that our suits would be environmentally conscious, ethically sourced and sustainably created. Second, is that we could do this with the highest quality and style.
Our suits are ethically made in a vertically-integrated manufacturing studio that specializes in a boutique, small-scale approach to production. Our materials are consciously created with Vita Carvico Italian fabrics, which is 100% regenerated from post-consumer materials, such as plastics and fishing nets polluting our oceans.